A bed encasement may be your best weapon in the fight against bed bugs. High-quality encasements trap bed bugs inside your mattress, preventing any from escaping and spreading. If you have a new mattress, an encasement will keep invading bed bugs away from it by blocking access. With nowhere to hide, you will be able to locate and identify new bed bug infestation easier than ever before. Selecting the right encasement may seem simple, but not all encasements are created equal. To help matters, let’s take a look at test results comparing several encasements.

In a rigorous battery of three tests conducted by entomologist Richard Cooper, six different bed encasements were tested for their effectiveness against bed bugs. Protect-A-Bed’s “AllerZip with BugLock Zip” was the only one standing after all three tests. The results showed that this encasement prevented the smallest of bed bugs from escaping through the product’s zipper teeth, a completely closed zipper end stop, and through a zipper that was not completely closed. Cooper also claims that this particular encasement kept bed bugs inside of it with an opening of over three inches in its zipper! The other encasements tested were National Allergy Classic, National Allergy Elegance, Mattress Safe, Bed Wetting Direct, and CleanRest.

Even after you’ve made a selection you’re comfortable with, there are some tips to remember to get the best results. Make sure that the encasement you buy covers both the mattress and box spring. For added strength and durability, you can buy separate encasements for each. If you use pest control services, avoid putting the encasement on until after the treatment has been applied to your bed. Finally, if your bed frame has sharp edges or corners, cover them with something soft to prevent your encasement from tearing.

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