Rats are dirty creatures that often find their way into homes. Rats in the home can bring disease and even bugs. They chew wires which can be very risky. Rats are not something you want in your home. You have to identify how they get in and stop them. If they are already in your home then you have to get them out. Bottom line – rats are a danger to your health and you can not live with them.

Rats can be found inside walls, crawl spaces, cupboards and almost any other hiding spot in your home. They like food of any kind, including pet food. They are very attracted to waste – food, human or animal. Outside they hide in piles of wood, leaves, garbage bins and around any rubble. If there are rats outside of your home then it is likely they will migrate indoors.

The first step in getting rid of rats is to clean up outside. You should stack fire wood off the ground. Keep the outer areas of your home clean from debris and trash. Keep trash bins tightly closed. Do not leave pet foods outside, including bird food that is not in a high container. Once you have cleaned up outside you need to clean up inside.

If you have a basement where you keep food, you need to keep it in containers rats cannot get into. Make sure any holes or other openings to your home are sealed off. Cut back branches of trees that may touch your roof. Keep you sink and bathtub drains cleaned.

If you encounter a rat in your home, then set out live traps to catch them or call in a professional. Remember that rats carry many diseases and can be very harmful if they attack you or bite you.

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