The majority of people would be quite upset to find a snake in their home. In some parts of the country, though, this is a reality. That is why it is very important, if you live in an area where snake infestation in homes is common, to learn how to protect your home against them and how to get rid of them once they some inside. The best way to do this is to learn about some common misconceptions that do not work to deter snakes.

Many people use sulfur as a snake repellent. It has been shown, though, that sulfur does not work. If you use a sulfur barrier to deter snakes it could actual cause more harm than good. As they crawl across the barrier it gets into the body and causes them to act irritated, which poses a big threat for bites and aggressive behavior. Lime is another product some people use as a barrier and this also does not work. Lime is very harmful to humans, so you should never use it to try to repel snakes.

Keeping your yard free of clutter and cutting down on places where snakes can hide is a good start to keeping them out of the house. Cover and seal all holes in your foundation or outer walls. Cats are also a good, natural, way to repel snakes. There are some commercial products, but they have not proven to be very effective. The best way to get rid of snakes is to call in a professional who can safely remove them. You will usually not end up with an infestation so removal is a good solution.

To keep safe around snakes you should never try to handle them or get too close to them. This is especially true if you do not know what type of snake it is, as it could be poisonous. Handle them with great care or call a professional to remove them.

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