Silverfish can be overwhelming in a home. They seem to eat almost anything and they can easily evade attempts to get rid of them. The best way to handle silverfish is to get to know everything you can about them. By earning their habits and life cycle you can better learn how to get the out of your home for good.

Silverfish like to eat things like flour, glue and starch. They cause damage to items when they eat things because they usually eat glue off paper items, like wallpaper and starch off of clothes. They live in areas that are cool and damp like laundry areas. They are most active at night and will only be seen during the day if they happen to get stuck in a sink or bathtub.

This is one bug that is not really attract by clutter or messes. If you have a lot of papers or books you should clean them out and put them away where the silverfish can not get to them. If you reduce the humidity and dampness in the area where they live you may be able to get them to move to an area where you can better take care of them. When using products to get rid of them, you need to make sure you get it into the cracks and areas around baseboards and pipes where they live. You also need to get it into the walls and you may need to drill a hole into the wall to be able to do that. You should also vacuum the area and keep vacuuming the area daily until they are gone.

Many people think silverfish are not harmful, but they can cause quite a bit of damage if left in your home. They will eventually be found in food items in the pantry and may start to damage books and wallpaper. It is best to just get rid of them as soon as you realize you have an infestation.

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