When storing away clothes for the off-season, you may be very careful to make sure they are in good shape and they are nicely folded so when taking them out next season they are ready for use. When you go to take them out of storage there is nothing more horrifying than finding them littered with moth holes, ruined and turned into useless rags. Moths can wreak havoc on your stored clothing, but you can fight against them and save your clothes.

Moths do not actually cause damage to fabrics and clothes. It is there larvae that eats through everything. They prefer dark places which is why they often attack items that are stored away. They will eat animal goods like leather and even bristles on natural brushes, feathers, fur and other fabric items. They also eat bugs on occasion. Moths lay up to 150 eggs so one adult moth could leave a lot of larvae to do some serious damage.

You want to get rid of both the moths and the larvae. Traps are a good way to stop moths. They are placed in the effected area. Moth balls used to be a popular method of deterrence, but they have been found to have harmful chemicals in them that are very hazardous to your health. If you do choose to use them then you should make sure to follow the instructions on the package carefully. You should not store anything in the effected area until the moths are gone. You should also make sure it is clean of any other bugs, so there is no food source to attract them.

Taking care of moths will help save your stored goods. All you need to do is set out some traps and you should see your moth problem go away.

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