Anyone who has had a pet has most likely had a battle with fleas. They can real hard to get rid of if a person does not take all the necessary steps. They can become a huge nuisance if they get out of control, so stopping them right away is part of the solution. If your home is infested with fleas get them leave by following the right steps.

Fleas usually live on animals, like cats and dogs, but when an animal is not around they will bite humans. They can cause your pet to become ill, so besides being troublesome, they are dangerous. It can be quite difficult to get rid of fleas because they not only live on the animal, but they also live in carpets, on furniture, in bedding and outside in the grass.

The first thing to do is treat the animal. You should bath the animal, comb their fur to get rid of eggs and dead fleas and then give him a flea treatment. There are many options from which to choose form gels to collars. Next you need to vacuum your home thoroughly. Make sure to throw out the vacuum bag when you are finished. You may need to treat your home. One of the best and most through methods is using a bomb. You set it off, leave for a little while, come back and air out the house. You should also make sure you dispose of yard waste and keep grass cut short so fleas will not stay.

You may need to repeat your extermination procedure because fleas reproduce quickly and the young fleas are usually able to withstand treatments. Most likely the bomb will take care of the house, but you should watch your pet for signs of that he may have fleas again.

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