Crickets may seem like an outside bug, but they can get into homes and become quite a nuisance. Crickets that are inside can eat fabrics, papers and food. Plus, their chirping can be enough to drive you crazy when you are trying to get some sleep. If you find this happy, little bug has found his way into your home, you should get rid of him before he damages your home and your sanity.

Crickets like o eat a wide range of things. They feed on food, paper and fabrics. There are a few different types of crickets that may invade your home. There are house crickets, field crickets, camel crickets and ground crickets. They tend to come inside when the weather gets colder. They may lay their eggs in cracks around baseboards or other small crevices. They are attracted by light and are most active at night. This is why they can be an annoyance inside. Their happy chirping can lead to many sleepless nights for you.

Crickets are attracted to the moisture in homes. By keeping your home free of moisture you should be able to deter the majority of crickets. It helps to keep weeds and other vegetation away from your home, as crickets tend to live in these areas. You should make sure that all your doors and windows close tightly, as this is how crickets enter the home. Use insect repelling lights that are made to repel insects around your home entrances.

You can use traps to catch crickets. There are also chemical products you can use. They can be quite difficult to find. Most people find they can hear them clearly, but can not seem to figure out where they are hiding. An attempt to catch them and release them back outside may be more difficult than expected. Eventually, the crickets will migrate back outside, so if you do not have a large infestation or the cricket does not bother you, then you may choose to just wait until they leave instead of using extermination measures.

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